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Why Should Columbus Ohio Be Your Next Vacation Destination?

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They say that New York is the city that never sleeps, but the city of Columbus always has something going on round the clock. In Columbus, special events are going on every now and then and if you are planning to visit Columbus anytime soon, you ought to plan the trip around one of these events to add more fun and entertainment to it. People who live near the Columbus area should also be aware of when these special events may occur so they can get in on the fun. Expect a wide array of outdoor and indoor events to choose from. Also take into consideration that Columbus has a 4-season climate so you might want to plan your trip during the season you best prefer.

Cirque de la Symphonie and The Columbus Symphony Orchestra: The Perfect Tandem

On an annual basis, the circus performs in the Ohio Theater featuring all sorts of entertainment from magicians to acrobats while the Columbus Symphony Orchestra plays with them. The circus has been an entertaining event for so many decades now, and it captivates the heart of so many kids and adult who are young at heart. This is the main reason that it is one of the most sought after events in Columbus every first Saturday of the month of May.

The Salsa Festival in Columbus

The Columbus Salsa Festival is enjoyed by everyone who is passionate about music and dance, especially salsa. The Bar of Modern Art is the location for this event which happens every year at the very last weekend of the month of May. Those who already know how to dance salsa greatly enjoys the activities offered by this event, but if you are new to this dance, don’t you worry because many people in the past who have never done salsa dancing before have somehow still found the event entertaining. There is so much more to this event than just pure Salsa dancing, and that is why it still attracts so many people.

The Reenactment of The Civil War and The Revolutionary War

Every year on the second weekend of the month of July at the Century Village, you will be able to witness the reenactment of The Civil War and The Revolutionary War. During this event, people pretend to be soldiers for the Civil War to the 1770s, and they reenact the most well-known battles during the Revolutionary War. You can also find here people, veterans and present day soldier, discussing how it was like to be a part of these type of battles. This event happens at the Central Park each year. If you are not a war enthusiast, do not cross out this event from your list just yet because this event has more to offer than just battles. A carnival is put up during this time of the year, and many families get to enjoy all the food and entertainment it offers. A lot of people are attracted to attend this event because not only is it fun, but it tends to be very educational for the kids and the rest of the family, too.

The Kids Art Revue

On the first weekend of the month of August, several people gather around Veterans Memorial to celebrate kids’ talent. In this event, you will see a wide variety of kids coming from all corners of the country, showcasing their talents, be it in singing or dancing. A lot of people are enticed by this event because the competitions are big, and those who win will get cash prize money or even scholarships. If there is an event absolutely perfect for the family, it would be this one.

The Columbus Book Fair

This event happens at the Century Village every last weekend of the month of August. Book lovers all over the country gather around the Century Village each year for this event because it showcases all sorts of book. A lot of book vendors are present to sell rare books, antique books, old books, or even secondhand books. It is common to find a book collector or an antique collector walking around the streets during this event in search of something to add to their most prized collection. The event goes on for two days, and this is probably the closest thing to heaven that book lovers will ever be in. For new authors or independent publishers, this is a good place to start making a name for themselves. They can put up a stand and advertise their books to people.