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Maintenance and Repair Tips You Can Use for Your Refrigerator

Refrigeration Unit

It is important to keep your refrigerator well maintained. Besides allowing it to last longer, it also helps keep the warranty effective, if you have one. Even a new refrigerator needs proper care so as to avoid any future repairs as best as possible. Here are some tips to help you maintain and even fix your refrigerator right now.

Set the Temperature at the Correct Setting

Once a new refrigerator gets delivered to you the service technician will most likely set the temperature for you. They will set it at about 37 to 40 F degrees. If you buy and bring the refrigerator home yourself, however, this step will be one you must take yourself. The refrigerator will not come already set for the right temperature so it is important to refer to your manual and set it right.

This will keep food cold and drinks as refreshing as they need to be. You want your food to last and keeping it in a fridge that is set to the right temperature is the way to do it.

Always Keep Something In Your Fridge

You probably will not need a special reminder to do this, but you do want to keep as much in your refrigeration unit as possible. This is because refrigerators work  on what is known as thermal mass.  The more there is inside the unit, the more efficient it will perform.

Keep milk, cheese, meats and your other essential foods in the refrigerator at all times, even if you have an attached freezer. Keeping food stored within these compartments help the whole unit run better. An empty refrigerator works too hard at cooling nothing which can compromise the motor.

These tips will help you keep the refrigerator running well. You can keep it working at its best by also cleaning the coils and checking to make sure the seals are intact on the doors. You might need to change the light bulb out on occasion, too.

If ever the unit starts having problems running at the right temperature, contact a refrigerator repair person right away.  You may be able to troubleshoot minor problems by referring to your owner’s manual. Keep these tips in mind to enjoy your refrigerator for many years.