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How To Choose Your Green Energy System

Are you interested in getting a green energy system? Read this article to learn how to choose the ideal green energy system.

Assess the resources available to you. If you are located in a sunny area, solar panels are obviously your best option, but keep in mind that even a few clouds in the sky can impact the amount of power your panels produce. Wind turbines are a good choice if there are winds of 10 mph or more in your area. If you have access to some running water, you should consider getting a hydraulic system. Geothermal energy is the most efficient form of green energy but it is an option only if your home is above a geothermal source. You should have a professional assess the resources available to you and talk to homeowners who have their own green energy system to get an idea of how much energy they can produce.

You need to figure out how much energy you usually need. If possible, reduce your energy consumption before investing in a green energy system. You could for instance improve the insulation of your home or replace your old appliances. The size of the wind turbine you purchase or the amount of solar panels you install on your roof will determine how much energy you can produce with your system.

Compare different products before investing in a green energy system. There are several models of wind turbines. Homeowners often prefer small turbines they can install on their roof. If you do not have much space for your turbine, you should get a vertical model. There are different kinds of solar panels; most homeowners invest in photovoltaics but thin films panels are a good option in spite of their higher price. These panels are a lot easier to install because they are lighter and they are a lot more efficient than photovoltaic panels.

Find a way to finance your green energy system. Getting a green energy system is an important initial investment, but keep in mind that you will become eligible for tax rebates and not have to pay energy bills anymore. You should go to your financial institution and apply for a loan large enough to purchase the system you want. Set up monthly payments that do not exceed what you would pay on your energy bills so you can easily balance your budget. Paying off your green energy system could take up to fifteen years, but you will not have to spend anything on energy once your system is paid off. Contact your energy provider to ask about the meter rollback programs they offer. If you join one of these programs, the energy you produce will be sent to the main grid and you will be able to use an equivalent amount of energy and get a check for the energy you did not use.

Do more research on the type of green energy system you are interested in. If you do not want to invest in a system now, stay up-to-date with new technologies and wait for prices to become more affordable.